Creative Ways to Meet Social Studies Standards

Lesson Plans

The following lesson plans are grouped by the social studies courses for which they were created: Participation in Government, Global History and U.S. History.

The lesson plans are available online as pdf files. To view and print pdf files with older web browsers, you may need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

Participation in Government
Overview of Lesson Plans
The Baby Boomers and Social Security
Changing Attitudes: Aging in America
Comparison of Japan and the U.S. on Aging Issues
Interview of an Older Adult
Local Issues: Tompkins County
Myths and Facts about Aging
Stereotypes and Ageism
Using Demographics to Predict the Future
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Global History
Overview of Lesson Plans
The Changing World Population
Why World Aging is an Important Issue
Aging in Japan

U.S. History
Overview of Lesson Plans
Witness to U.S. History
Aging in the News
Common Issues for Young and Old
Famous Person Interview
Capturing the 1930s through Oral History

NYS Gerontology Curriculum Resource Guide
Another great resource for gerontology lesson plans is the NYS Gerontology Curriculum Resource Guide for Family and Consumer Science. The guide has been supplemented and updated by Mattie Bonavia, a former Ithaca College faculty member and consultant to the Gerontology Institute. It contains useful Internet exercises, games, role-plays, and word puzzles that can supplement the social studies lessons and help to keep students interested and involved. For details see http://www.ithaca.edu/aging/guide/