Ithaca College Annual Fund

Ithaca College Annual Fund

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Spending at Ithaca College:
An Overview

Without the yearly support of alumni, parents, and friends, our potential would not be what it is today. Because of your reliable annual gift to a particular school, team, fund, or general use, you make the infinite possible. For that our entire community is grateful.

The College allocates resources in six key areas. Click on each segment on the graphic at left to learn more about each area.

Get Started: Teaching, Learning, And Mentoring

30%: Teaching, Learning, and Mentoring

Funds in this area help IC provide a foundation for a lifetime of learning by benefiting academic departments, library resources, faculty compensation, and new initiatives.

"The chance to participate in an international literary conference [in Dublin, Ireland] as an undergraduate was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

--Hannah Hjerpe-Schroeder '11, English and Italian studies major

Next: Ensuring Access

28%: Ensuring Access

The majority of IC students receive financial support directly from the College, including need-based aid and scholarships.

"Your gift shows that you have faith in me and gives me faith that I can and will achieve great things."

--Caitlyn Reinecker '11, business administration major

Next: Caring for Students

15%: Caring for Students

From admission to student affairs to business services, providing the highest possible level of support to our students is critical to the College's mission.

"The best part of being a resident assistant at Ithaca College is the opportunity I have to help students grow as individuals. It has been one of my most rewarding experiences during college."

—Brittany Bookman '10, applied psychology

Next: Engaging Students

12%: Engaging Students

Educating students goes far beyond the classroom at IC. Spending in this area benefits athletics, information technology services, student organizations, and special events.

"At Ithaca College, we view athletics as an integral part of our students' education. I'm a teacher first and foremost, and I'm here to educate our students so they can be the best they can be. We help provide an environment that allows our students to succeed socially, academically, and athletically."

—Jim Nichols, head coach, men's cross-country

Next: Stewarding the Campus

12%: Stewarding the Campus

IC cannot fulfill its core mission without proper fiscal and physical management. This area includes the physical plant, utilities costs, and debt service.

"The Energy Star label is the federal government's nod of approval for energy-efficient products. At Ithaca College, a campus known for its embrace of all things sustainable, two dormitories proudly wear the Energy Star label. Ithaca is one of only two colleges in New York State with dormitories that have earned the Energy Star label. . . . The College had saved about a half-million dollars annually in the last five years as a result of the building improvements."

—Excerpt from the New York Times, April 17, 2010

Last: Managing the College

3%: Managing the College

Spending in this area supports the college's leadership, including areas of finance and administration.

"Providing a wide array of support services to the 8,000 individuals who learn, work, or live at Ithaca College is a critical element in maintaining the pride we all share in our campus community."

--Carl Sgrecci '69, former vice president, finance and administration

Next: Teaching, Learning, And Mentoring

IC Annual Fund Gifts

Your support has a major impact on the College's ability to fulfill its educational mission. Our level of donor support has a significant effect on national college rankings. It is also an important factor in receiving grants and other financial support from corporations and foundations. Your gift allows students to follow their dreams, faculty to break ground, and staff to help make it happen. The more we support Ithaca College, the more valuable an Ithaca degree becomes. Please make your gift today.