Ithaca College Annual Fund

Alumni and Parent Volunteers

The Ithaca College Annual Fund is fortunate to have the support of its volunteer leaders, who play a vital role in contacting other alumni, parents, and friends and encouraging them to support the Ithaca College Annual Fund.

They know that giving back to the College is the best way to ensure IC remains known for its high-quality interdisciplinary education and hands-on learning opportunities.

Take a moment to learn why they volunteer and give back.

IC Annual Fund Leaders

Michael Kaplan '85

Michael Kaplan '85
National Chair, Ithaca College Annual Fund

"I had a terrific experience when I attended Ithaca College, and I volunteer now because I want to give back to IC," Michael says. "I believe each alumnus of Ithaca College should try to support their college in some way. The 54,000+ IC alumni are a part of the College community."

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Cornell Woodson '09
Young Alumni Chair, Ithaca College Annual Fund

"I volunteer because I love being a part of the IC family; I cannot seem to get enough of this place," he says. "Coming back and staying involved with the institution reenergizes me when I need it most. It's home!"

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Paul and Wendy Aglietti, Parents '11
Co-Chairs, Parents Annual Fund
Co-Chairs, President's Associates Parents Committee

"We are proud and enthusiastic about what is happening at Ithaca College, and we feel volunteering is time that is well invested," they say. "We recognize the quality of education at IC, and it is fulfilling to be part of its accomplishments."

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