Alumni and Parent Volunteers

Paul and Wendy Aglietti, Parents '11

Paul and Wendy Aglietti first became involved with Ithaca College when their son Adam '11 started his education at IC. Since then, they've been strong advocates for the college and have worked to maintain the excellence of the Ithaca College experience.

"We know Ithaca College is a place where our gifts will make an impact," the Agliettis say. "Education is a very important category of interest to us and for our yearly giving, and Ithaca College exemplified exactly what we were looking for. We know our gift will be doing the most good at IC, and that is so gratifying."

Paul and Wendy serve as co-chairs of the President's Associates Parents Committee, a position they've held since 2010, and as co-chairs of the Parents Annual Fund.

"We are proud and enthusiastic about what is happening at Ithaca College, and we feel volunteering is time that is well invested," they say. "We recognize the quality of education at IC, and it is fulfilling to be part of its accomplishments."