Impact of Giving

Your philanthropy has a tremendous influence on the lives of our students. Here’s how:

[icon-award_star_gold_2] A $1,000 annual gift is approximately equivalent to the payout from a $25,000 endowment -- just one of the many reasons why annual giving is so important.

[icon-award_star_gold_2] In the past 10 years, the community of leadership donors to Ithaca College has grown by more than 130%.

[icon-award_star_gold_2] Over 85% of students at Ithaca College receive some form of financial aid. Gifts to IC help bridge the gap for families who otherwise may not be able to afford tuition.

[icon-award_star_gold_2] Ithaca College encourages students to go beyond the classroom and gain real-life, professional experiences before they graduate, giving them the edge they need to succeed in their careers. Advising, mentoring, internships -- giving to IC keeps these programs robust.