Dear Friends:

The President's Associates is a leadership giving community comprised of grateful alumni, proud parents, committed faculty and staff, and dear friends of the college. Our community is 800 strong, and each one of us makes a tangible difference in the lives of Ithaca College's students.

As national co-chairs of this distinguished group, we want to offer our appreciation for your contributions as a member of our esteemed community. We also want to encourage you to become more deeply involved.

We met at IC during the summer of 1967, fell in love, and married two years later, graduating in 1970. While we adored our time at Ithaca, we felt disconnected for many years after our graduation. When we reconnected several years ago, we fell in love with IC all over again.

Having spent most of our careers in higher education, we appreciate the importance of a great college experience. It's not just about excellent academic content, but also the importance of integrating what is learned in the classroom with what occurs throughout the college experience. Ithaca College is committed to further enhancing the "whole package" with its strategic vision, IC 20/20.

We've come to appreciate the three important and overlapping phases of a full life: learning, earning, and returning. We hope that you will join us as active, engaged, and committed members of the President's Associates. You are part of a spectacular collective effort, and we hope you will take full advantage of your membership by engaging in the conversation and helping to set the tone for a strong and vibrant future for IC.

Once again, thank you for your investment in this institution, its students, and one another.


David Bachrach '70, Trustee                                    
Linda Bachrach '70         
National Co-Chairs, President's Associates