Report on Giving

Welcome to the 2012–2013 Ithaca College "Report on Giving." This is our second year of offering a space on our website dedicated solely to you. Here, I can extend my heartfelt gratitude for your kindness, your thoughtfulness and your generosity.  

Please know that this site contains more than an expression of appreciation. It contains accounts of the substantial effects of your philanthropy. It introduces you to students, faculty, staff, and other members of the Ithaca community whose lives have been touched by your gift to Ithaca College.

On our campus, thousands of students have pivotal experiences and life-altering opportunities, a few of whom are profiled on this site. These singular experiences -- borne of your generosity -- mean that at Ithaca College we do more than just educate. We shape the lives of whole human beings: their character, their work ethic, their ability to rise to a challenge, their exhilaration at finding one's true self and having the place to nurture it.

I am grateful to you for all that you make possible. Our students are, too. They know that the experience they are having at Ithaca College is unquestionably unique. They know that you care about the quality of that experience -- the quality of their lives.

I urge you to explore this site. Explore the possibilities, the education, and the life experiences that you and your peers within the Ithaca College family of donors have brought to fruition. Your support is both precious and powerful. Thank you so very much for your gift.


Thomas R. Rochon
President, Ithaca College