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As a donor to Ithaca College, you are everywhere on our campus. You are the Tuesday-morning chemistry lecture. You are the financial aid that puts students on campus. You are the next big invention. Have no doubt, you are here for our students.

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The Intersection of Art and ScienceThe Intersection of Art and Science

The list of universal truths is vast and varied: the shortest distance between two points is a straight line; "Born to Run" is the greatest rock song of all time. IC art history professor Gary Wells has another one to add.

"Science people and art people think about things in very different ways," he says.

That might sound negative, but in fact, it's positive -- and the basis for a unique class called Chemistry and Art. Team-taught by Wells and chemistry professor Mike Haaf, the course explores the intersections between the two seemingly disparate fields. The class is lively and hands-on; time is split between lecture and laboratory, giving students a taste of both aesthetic concepts and scientific inquiry.

"We spend a lot more time with failures than successes," Mike says. "You have to be OK with frustration."

Chemistry and Art delves into the scientific basis of such topics as paints, metalworking, dyes, and fabrics, as well as takes a peek into the world of professions like art restorer or museum chemist through field trips to places such as New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.

"You can tell it's a pet project; both of them are excited and interested," says Caitlyn McSherry '14, who took the class last spring. "They really made it something we enjoyed as much as they did."

Caitlyn, a double major in art history and cinema and photography, says the opportunity to look at two different fields simultaneously appealed to her. She was surprised by how much the disciplines connected.

"Every time we teach this class, we find that there are more things we want to do," Gary says.