Report on Giving

You Are Here

As a donor to Ithaca College, you are everywhere on our campus. You are the Tuesday-morning chemistry lecture. You are the financial aid that puts students on campus. You are the next big invention. Have no doubt, you are here for our students.

Please enjoy the following snapshots of life at IC -- they wouldn't happen without you.


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Getting a Handle on EntrepreneurshipGetting a Handle on Entrepreneurship

Tim Reynolds '14 expected Ithaca College to offer leadership opportunities. What he didn't expect was the chance to become a businessman. After taking a class in neuromuscular control, Tim and his business partner, Brian Rettger '11, saw a way to transform a standard dumbbell into a kettlebell.

"Kettlebells are spherical weights with a curved handle accommodating a two-handed grip," Tim, a physical therapy major, says. "But an entire set costs hundreds of dollars and takes up a lot of floor space, and most people or gyms already have plenty of dumbbells."

With help from two faculty members, Tim and Brian designed a clasp with a handle shaped like a subway strap. Securing the clasp around a dumbbell bar of any weight transforms it into a kettlebell. After christening the device KettleShell, Tim needed to market it. The School of Business showed him how.

"I took classes on developing business plans and then pitched KettleShell at the New York State Business Plan Competition," Tim says. "KettleShell took third place in the products and services category and $1,500 in prize money."

He also pitched the product a little closer to home. His KettleShell took top prize in the Product Track at the 2012 Business Idea Competition, a campuswide contest that invites students to submit their entrepreneurial ideas and compete for cash prizes. IC alumnus Chris Burch '76, the business school, and local entrepreneurs support the competition.

"This competition not only inspires our students to bring their ideas to life, it is an amazing example of how the generosity and involvement of our alumni play a huge role in crafting the Ithaca College experience," says business school dean Mary Ellen Zuckerman. "We are grateful to have such incredible support."