Student Projects


In order to get a feel for the range and depth of communication related internships our students participate in, here is a brief summary of the most current opportunities:

Photographing, writing press releases, curating a Tumblr Blog, preparing for blog posts about a local museum's volunteers, and updating the organization's website. About his experience, Kyle said: "The most valuable experience  would include getting the opportunity to formally write for the Museum's blog, as well has having two Tumblr Radar selections and an addition of 2000 followers on Tumblr in these past couple weeks."

Learning a new software program to create newsletters and writing new press releases. " I would have to say the most valuable experience was the connections I established," stated Jess, while doing her internship for a national nonprofit.

Identifying the target market, consumers, and purpose of the products for an animal health organization in order to reach the goal and objectives of the organization. Mallory believes that this experience is beneficial to her "because it requires [her] to prioritize, think ahead and be extremely organized with order of importance."

Internship opportunities can be found in this database  or through the Office of Career Services. To apply for a graduate internship, please fill out the application.

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