How to Apply

We begin taking applications for the 2016-17 academic year in October. However, we will not begin making decisions until we have complete admissions packages, which includes transcripts that have grades for the fall, 2015, semester. (If you have already graduated, this does not apply to you.) The basic steps to apply are listed below.

1. We require separate applications for (1) admission to the program and, (2) a graduate assistantship. Please be sure to follow all links and instructions for each carefully. The applications go to separate committees, so there will be redundancy.

2. The admissions application is online and can be found on the Admissions Office webpages found here. Procedures for letters of recommendation are currently being changed, so be advised that you may see online recommendation forms or forms that you must be print out, sign, and then given in hardcopy form to your recommenders.The instructions for the recommenders are printed on the form. If in hardcopy form, the recommendation is then mailed as a harcopy document to the Office of Admission at the address that is provided on the form. You need TWO letters for admission that speak to your academic skills. If you are applying for a graduate assistantship you need an additional letter that speaks to your work skills related to the assitantship for which you are applying. This letter is sent to a different address. See below for assistantship applications.

The admissions application asks a question whether you are planning on applying for a graduate assistantship. If so, be sure to say yes and fill out the other parts of the form that have to do with your work skills. This does not, however,constitute an application for a graduate assistantship.

3. If you are applying for an assistantship please fill out the assistantship application that can be found in the documents section on the ESS Graduate Assistantship wepages found here.  Fill out the assistantship application carefully and completely, attach a resume, and mail the hardcopy to the ESS graduate chair at the address on the form. Have an additional letter of recommendation that speaks to your work skills sent to the same address. Before you fill out this application, read through the link on graduate assistantships to get an idea of what you would most like to do and are most qualified to do.

4. Completeness of the application is up to you. We will not consider incomplete applications, even if missing just a single letter of recommendation. The status of your application can be checked online. We are currently changing our admissions process to be more online and automated. As we go through this process there are some bugs to work out. Please be patient. If you have any questions please contact the graduate chair at: or call 607-274-1751.

5. All applications received prior to March 1 have priority for admission and for assistantships. Though we will look at applications after March 1, we may have filled up our class roster by that time. Assistantship decisions will not begin until March 1, and the process will take from 3-4 weeks to decide on most of the awards. Though the deadline is March 1, it facilitates matters when applications arrive before mid February.

6. Decisions are made as "Accepted," "Not Accepted," or "Wait Listed." If you are accepted or wait listed you may have additional requirements, such as prerequisite requirements. Please read the letter you receive from Graduate Admissions very carefully. This letter will inform you of your status and information regarding being on the wait list, the meaning of provisional status, prerequisites, and other important information.

7. All acceptance decisions are contingent upon successful graduation from your undergraduate institution. If you are newly graduated, you must have your final transcripts sent to the Office of Admissions before you enroll into the program.