Ithaca College's program in physical therapy is designed as a six year freshmen-entry level BS/DPT program which culminates in a doctorate in physical therapy (DPT). While freshman entry to the program is the norm, transfer opportunities may be available. Transfer spots (internal and external) are competitive and based on available space. Transfer is typically very limited and varies from year to year.

The six year BS/DPT curriculum consists approximately of three years of undergraduate pre-professional coursework (freshmen-junior) and three years of graduate level professional coursework (senior-grad year II). After the senior year, students graduate with a B.S. Degree in Clinical Health Studies.  Please note: All students (including transfer students with undergraduate degrees) must successfully complete the IC undergraduate degree in Clinical Health Studies and achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 to be eligible for the graduate portion of the program; we do not accept students directly into the graduate portion of the program.

Transfer students may enter the physical therapy program at several points in the undergraduate program (but are encouraged to apply as early as feasible, i.e. for sophomore entrance):

  • fall or spring semester of the sophomore year,
  • fall or spring of the junior year, or
  • summer session between the junior and senior years (external transfers only)

Students may be considered for transfer in one of the following categories and should use the appropriate link or contact for specific information:

Information for Internal Transfer Students (currently enrolled Ithaca College Students)
Information for External Transfer Students (individuals not currently enrolled at Ithaca College who have successfully completed or are currently enrolled in college coursework at another institution-with or without a degree) At this time, due to current enrollment numbers, consideration of external transfer is suspended for the spring and fall of 2015. Information about opportunities for 2016 will be posted in the fall of 2015.
Information for Readmits (individuals that were enrolled at Ithaca College-with or without a degree)
Please contact the Office of Admission at or by phone at 607-274-3124 if you have questions.

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