Application Process

Application Checklist

Through the online application system you can monitor what items have been received and what items remain outstanding. (Requirements listed on the Application Summary page are specific to the program you chose when you applied.)

Follow these steps to check the status of your online application and accompanying materials:

  1. Login to the online application system using your Login ID and PIN.
  2. At the application menu under "Processed Applications", select the admission term for your application (this will take you to your application summary page).
  3. Refer to your application status in the application data section ("Incomplete" vs. "Complete, Ready to Review").
  4. Check the requirements listed in the bottom section of the application summary. Requirements without a "Received" date remain outstanding.
  5. If your application status is incomplete, follow-up with the provider of the missing item.

Your materials should be entered into the system by the College within 48 hours of receipt. If we do not receive all of your materials, your application will be incomplete and no decision will be made. Your application fee and materials must be received by Ithaca College by the appropriate deadline in order to be considered.