Summer Graduate Music Session

2016 Course Offerings

MUED 65400-31 Portfolio and Presentation I, 1.0 credit
by arrangement

MUED 65500-31 Portfolio and Presentation II, 1.0 credit
by arrangement  

MUED 68000-31 Psychology of Music Teaching, 3.0 credits C. West

MUED 68200-31 Seminar in Music Education, 3.0 credits K. Kaiser and J. Mick

MUED 54000 Materials and Rehearsal and Techniques for the Public School Wind Band, 2.0 credits J Silveira

MUED 69703-31 Assessment Practices, 1.0 credits S. Avery

MUED 69704-31 Creating Culturally Affirming Music Education, 1.0 credits B. Whitehead

MUED 69705-31 Vocal Jazz For Music Educators, 1.0 credits D. Avery

MUED 69701-31 Curricular Design and Development, 2.0 credits S. Avery

MUED 69706-31 Emerging Practices in Music Education, 2.0 credits R. Cremata

MUEN 60900-31 Chorus, 1.0 credit S. Avery

MUTH 50100-31 Stylistic Analysis of Post-Tonal Music, 2.0 credits L Black

MUTH 54100-31 Music from 1600-1800, 3.0 credits M Radice

MUTH 65200-32 Bibliography and Research in Music, 3.0 credits K. Shanton

PFMJ 60100 to 64500-31 Graduate Performance Study, 1.0 credit/2.0 credits
by arrangement