Summer Graduate Music Workshops

Successful Leadership in Contemporary Music Education

(MUED 70500-01) 

Location: Whalen Center for Music, room 1207

This workshop, designed for the contemporary music educator and/or supervisor, will be presented by Keith Kaiser, chair of music education at Ithaca College. Participants will examine effective leadership and its relationship to successful teaching in our contemporary environment. Strategies for advancing music in society will be discussed, including sessions with guest clinicians Edward Lisk, Michael Kumer, Karl Paulnack and Frederick Weingarten (for more information on participants, click on the "Faculty and Guest Clinicians" link on the left). Workshop participants will be encouraged to synthesize and apply class principles and materials to their current teaching settings. The five-day workshop will give participants the opportunity to develop a better understanding of leadership attributes such as: employing characteristics of quality leadership; advancing music in contemporary society; nurturing leadership characteristics in students; getting beyond administrative tasks to envision individual and program advancement; investigating how goal-setting, communication, perspective, and environment affect success; and building trust, professional equity, and conflict management skills. Additionally, the workshop sessions will review current legislation, regulations, and trends affecting contemporary music education.

Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-4:15pm


Writing a Personal Mission Statement   

From the moment you were born, you had unique gut instincts. There were things you “knew” long before you were taught or learned to think; things that stick with you for life. The way you play; how much "alone time" you need or want; the type of friends you choose; the work that interests you; how and whom you date; the physical exercise you like best; the spiritual practice that appeals to you; the type of living situation you prefer, what a “fun” vacation looks like–in short, all of the things that make you feel most fully alive, most joyful, most “you.” Not only were these drivers present in you at birth–they can often be expressed in just five to seven words. 
What drives you? What makes you passionate, fully alive? What are your five to seven words? What is your mission, the unspoken mission you’ve been on since birth? This is a guided tour through your life, using storytelling, writing, shadow and gestalt exercises to uncover, remember and honor the person you were born to be, and describe the original mission you came into the world with.

Karl Paulnack
School of Music
Whalen Center for Music 3322