Summer Graduate Music Workshops

Orff-Kodaly for the General Music Classroom


Whalen Center for Music, room 2330

This workshop will use methodology and processes from Orff and Kodály to help teachers create an interactive environment for the K-12 general music classroom. The workshop will immerse participants in the methodology and processes of Zoltan Kodály and Carl Orff through a multicultural lens.

Creating an interactive musical environment for the K-12 general music classroom, Dr. Baruch Whitehead and Dr. Emily Mason will lead discussions and activities that include movement, recorder, drum circle, orchestration, and arranging. Participants will also be introduced to and gain experience writing lesson plans using the pedagogy of Kodály and Orff.

Additional topics include ideas for building curriculum with appropriate repertoire choices for the K-12 general music class that reflect both urban and rural settings, classroom management, assessment, and multicultural resources for use in teaching.