Communications (M.S.)

Currently, we are not accepting applications for this program. We are in the process of revitalizing and updating our curriculum. More information will be provided soon.

Explore alternative graduate study options with our M.S. in Communications Innovation.

About the program

Organizations are defined by their ability to communicate and learn. Their identities are shaped by the relationships that are developed among employees and other key stakeholders. Their services, products, and expertise have value only when those strengths are communicated successfully. And their achievements are a direct consequence of how effectively they gain and share knowledge. Our graduates understand these communication and learning needs -- and have mastered them.

As a graduate student in communications, you'll receive special attention in an intimate community of thoughtful colleagues. The program is personalized: only about 15-20 new students enter the program each year. Working closely with our faculty, you'll develop a program that builds on your specific skills and interests.

Through coursework you'll gain expertise in using communication technology to foster organizational success, designing print materials, and developing and leading workshops. Just as significantly, you'll study the principles and theories of communication and learn to apply that knowledge in such areas as organizational culture and identity, persuasion, and learning systems.

You'll graduate with a broad theoretical background and specific technical skills that are immediately applicable to continuing postgraduate education or to the job market. There’s a wide range of career opportunities in organizational communication and learning; our alumni hold such positions as

  • public relations manager for a major hospital

  • director of web systems for a college

  • executive director for a county community health network

  • vice president of human resources for a technology company

  • adult education coordinator for a nonprofit agency