Message from the Director

Our graduate degree is designed for highly qualified mid-level executive tapping into extensive real-world expertise. Apply learning and new insight immediately with our faculty with a rich history in teaching leading-edge communication.

MSCI is designed for high-potential leaders from all aspects of the communication profession around the globe that are responsible for designing, proposing, developing, and managing the next generation of innovation. The spirit of solving real world problems through new ideas and critical thinking for their current employers or as part of future entrepreneurial, governmental, or NGO ventures. In brief, MSCI explores the strategies and business processes that promote innovation and creativity in organizations, including the fundamentals of enterprise development and entrepreneurship.

The coursework for the M.S. degree program is based on 32 credit hours two-year interdisciplinary program in communication and business – innovation, with a one-of-a-kind curricular offering. Also a manageable time commitment of approximately 7 to 10 hours per week of study, along with faculty who appreciate the challenges of balancing this commitment with home and work schedules.

The combination of the students’ diversity and experience leads to the formation of a talented "Think Tank" that strengthens both the teaching and learning processes by sharing best practices and lessons learned. No other intensive, two-year (MS) program in Communication Innovation offers such unfettered access to courses, global thought leaders and faculty.

I hope this web site signals our enthusiasm for innovation as well as our commitment to empower individuals and companies to imagine boldly and act decisively.

I invite you to innovate with us.


Best regards,

Bob Regan
Director, MSCI Program