For the Fellow

Becoming a fellow and enrolling in the executive master’s degree in communications innovation will give you the intellectual foundation, support system, and inspiration to bring your ideas to life—whether for your company or for a business venture of your own. You will have an unparalleled opportunity to become part of a close-knit cohort with other innovators, meet successful industry leaders, and gain access to companies and case studies outside of your current professional network and region. In addition, this graduate degree will provide the credentials needed for many opportunities to teach at the college level.

Some unique aspects of our program include:

Executive Coaching for Cross Cultural Competence:

Private coaching sessions can be invaluable in developing future team leaders. As organizations become truly global, leaders and managers have to discover ways of meeting the challenge of working across cultures. Executive coaching helps leaders develop wider perspectives, cultural sensitivity and the ability to work with diversity in a productive and innovative way to achieve an organization's goals.

Proof of Concept Center:

The Proof of Concept Center helps provides seed funding and expert assistance to help entrepreneurs prepare for the strongest market entry possible. The goal of the program is to provide early-stage investments and services to enable the development and validation of promising communication innovation, or will become, the platform for start-up companies. We help great ideas find investors and businesspeople interested in developing them further and exploring their commercial viability.