Meet Our Fellows

Sarah BrylinskySarah Brylinsky
Sustainability Manager, MIT

My work focuses on preparing higher education to educate the leaders of the 21st century, whose work and creativity will ensure a just, sustainable, and thriving future for our planet.  In my current role as Sustainability Manager for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the top university in the world and an institute of education that is leading change in environmental, energy, and online learning, I work across campus departments and operations to ensure the campus is used as a living laboratory for on-site innovation and learning.  Working closely with MIT's community partners, including the City of Cambridge and the City of Boston, I also manage the university's emerging climate initiative on partnerships such as EcoDistricts, NetZero, and the Campus Climate Compact.  By helping connect innovators and educators across the educational ecosystem, we are unlocking new ways to accelerate solution implementation, and communicate success and challenges across the globe.

I am passionate about interdisciplinary sustainability pedagogy, the intersection of gender and sustainable development, and the idea that campuses and communities can become "living learning laboratories" for clean energy, building efficiency, and alternative transportation.  By working with faculty, students, and staff across the university, I focus on strategic planning and collaborative information sharing as communication tools to accelerate sustainability.  My B.A. is in Communications, Management, and Design from Ithaca College, and I am a member of Sandbox, a young entrepreneurial "think-tank", as well as a certified permaculture instructor.  You can find me planting in the garden, or teaching children and adults how to repair bikes around Boston, MA.


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