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Nothing short of remarkable…they, quite simply, bring whatever they sing to glorious life.”  That is how the Deseret Morning News described a concert by Calmus, the First Prize Winner of the 2009 Concert Artists Guild International Competition.  Founded in 1999 in Germany, the a cappella quintet embodies the rich choral tradition of its hometown of Leipzig, the city so closely associated with Bach and Mendelssohn.  Whether singing music by those German masters or another work in its diverse repertoire, Calmus captivates both audiences and critics with its charming stage presence, flawless technique and entertaining presentation.

All graduates of Leipzig‘s renowned St. Thomas Church Choir School, Calmus offers the unique combination of a pure soprano voice with four male voices ranging from bass to countertenor.  The seamless blend of these five voices lends itself to the almost limitless range of music the ensemble offers, from renaissance and baroque masters through great German romantic works, all the way to contemporary choral repertoire and popular songs.  Calmus conveys everything it performs with great respect and also with a sense of joy in singing that is obvious to the listener: “I sat through the performance with my mouth agape and a smile on my lips” (Classical Voice of North Carolina).

Calmus is a First Prize Winner of the Concert Artists Guild International Competition
and is represented by
Concert Artists Guild, 850 Seventh Ave, PH-A, New York, NY 10019 (
Recording Distributor for Calmus’ American concerts:
DJ Records, P.O. Box 445, Trout Lake, WA 98650.