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Symposium - The Honors Undergraduate Scholarly Journal

Symposium, the scholarly journal of the Ithaca College Honors Program, includes the year's best original, scholarly work produced in the program's seminars. The journal is entirely a student initiative: Students write all of the essays, staff the editorial board, solicit the manuscripts, jury the submissions, work with the authors to perfect the manuscripts, and produce the journal. The journal is published every spring.


If you would like to submit your work to Symposium, the submission period will be open in February.

Current Editorial Board:

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Thomas J. Pfaff

Editor-in-Chief: Emily Martin

Associate Editors: Kelly Auricchio, Addison Dlott, Erin Dubots, Kayla Dwyer, Nicholas Floros, Sophia Hebert, Emily Renne, Emma Sheinbaum and Jennifer Walsh


For more information or to express interest in submitting or serving on the editorial board, please email Emily Martin at