Employee Discounts

Edvantage is a comprehensive discount/savings program being made available to you from Ithaca College and our partnership with eni, your employee assistance program.

Edvantage provides you with:

  • Access to over 1,400 Business and Consumer Merchants and Service Providers
  • Access to Savings of up to 60% at over 13,000 Restaurants
  • Exclusive Savings and Discounts
  • Accumulating Rebates paid on every transaction

Instructions for first time registration:

1) Go to www.EdvantageProgram.com/BalanceWorks or click on the logo to the right
2) In the upper left-hand corner of the page click the “Register” Button
3) Once on the Registration Form Page:
       a. Fill out the required information.
       b. The access code should already be filled in; if not, the access code is BalanceWorks.
       c. Enter Ithaca College in the field labeled “Your Company’s Name”.
       d. You will create a Username and Password that you will need to remember.
       e. Once completed hit “Submit”.
4) You must come to the Edvantage® Program website and LOGIN every time you wish to use Edvantage® in order to get credit for your activity. Please make sure your web browser has both “Cookies” and “Pop-Ups” enabled to ensure proper reporting.

5) Click on Start Shopping to begin!


All College employees are encouraged to research and compare prices and services before purchasing, signing any contract, or making any arrangements. Any arrangements, services or products purchased with this discount program are strictly between the employee, as a consumer, and the merchant, and are the sole responsibility of the individual employee. Ithaca College assumes no responsibility for any arrangements, contracts, purchases, or disputes between an individual employee and any discount merchant. Ithaca College does not endorse or affirm the quality of products or services provided by Edvantage merchants. Ithaca College at no time endorses nor recommends any specific commercial products, process, or services by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise.