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Accident InsuranceAccident Insurance

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance

AD&D insurance acts as a supplement to your life insurance. It pays your beneficiary an amount in addition to your life insurance if you die as a result of an accident. A benefit may also be payable to you if you are hurt in an accident.

Your spouse or qualified domestic partner can also be covered under AD&D insurance (if no other dependents are covered) for 50% of your protection level. If you have children and wish to purchase coverage for the family, your spouse or qualified domestic partner would be insured for 40% of your amount and each of your children for 10% of your coverage level, with an individual maximum of $10,000 per child. The maximum amount of coverage is $300,000.

This coverage may also pay benefits for the following losses and conditions*: loss of eyesight; hearing or speech; loss of limb; loss of limb use due to paralysis; disfiguring third-degree burns; coma; paralysis; and total disability.

Accident insurance is paid for with after-tax dollars.

*Limitations and exclusions apply.