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Ergonomics: A Workstation that Works for You!

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Ergonomics is the science of designing a person's environment so that it facilitates the highest level of function. A person's work environment should fit his or her capabilities as a worker.”

Please browse the resources below to help you learn more about ergonomic and how you can apply it to your workstation:

Musculoskeletal pain is the primary reason why workers seek health care research:

  • Connection between awkward postures during computer use and increased incidence of pain and disorders for upper extremity
  • Desk and chair help shoulders and neck; forearm, wrist, and hand positioning is dependent on keyboard
  • Alternative keyboard configurations
  • Research purpose look at keyboard use for reducing musculoskeletal pain instead of reducing computer related pain in general
  • Working pain- absenteeism and reduced productivity of more than 1 hour/day
  • Repetitive motion injuries have highest median number of days out of work which exceeds falls and amputations
  • OT’s seek to reduce pain- focus of service
  • 1 in 10 keyboards sold is an alternative design (12 designs with no research to determine effectiveness and if researched the research was severely flawed or done by the keyboard creator)

AOTA Official Document: Specialized Knowledge and Skills in Technology and Environmental Interventions for Occupational Therapy Practice. - See more at:

  • “On the basis of their understanding of their clients’ occupational engagement desires and needs, capacities, and contexts, occupational therapy practitioners collaborate with the client and with other professionals in the evaluation, design, fabrication, customization, modification, and application of new or existing technologies and environmental interventions.”
  • Selecting, modifying, or fabricating appropriate tech to allow for function in the workplace