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IC A Healthy Me Challenge

The IC A Healthy Me Challenge encourages faculty and staff to improve healthier behaviors. Each year, a student of Ithaca College is tasked with developing and implementing a new health challenge to push employees to a healthier states. If you are interested in developing a challenge or have ideas for the next challenge, please contact Katie Sack

2016 IC A Healthy Me Challenge - TBD


2015 The Stop Light Challenge - Joseph D'Alessandro

The aim of this challenge was to encourage the employees of Ithaca College to make healthy choices in their everyday life. Each week information was provided about making healthier choices in the selected area of nutrition.  Areas that are a main issue in today’s society are a lack of vegetables, unhealthy drink choices, insufficient or improper protein choices, making poor choices in snack foods, and either not eating breakfast or not making healthy choices for breakfast.  This Challenge helped educate employees of IC and gave them the tools to make these healthy choices every day and sustain a healthier lifestyle.


2014 Summer Series Challenge - Kelsey Blair

This challenge was a series of two 30-day events consisting of fitness, nutrition, and mind based activities geared towards encouraging staff and faculty to develop holistic healthy habits that could be sustained for the rest of their lives. The Summer Salad Summons challenged participants to maintain a healthier diet by eating three or more salads each week and the Hike for Happiness challenged participated to combine being social with exercise! 


2013 Fit in 42 - Jaymi Feeney

For 6 weeks, groups of four competed against each other to see who was the ultimate bomber squad. Over this time, groups worked individually and as a team to do their maximum amount of resistance training and cardio possible. Participants were challenged to spend two days a week participating in resistance training and up to seven days a week partaking in some sort of cardiovascular exercise.