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Mind, Body, Me Wellness Program

For a little inspiration, read members' encouraging stories about how Mind, Body, Me helped them!

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Want to hear about why our participants are in Mind, Body, Me and what it has done for them? Read on...

Peter Schlough (Mail Services): My decision to join was motivated entirely by the access to personal fitness training. Prior to this I had worked out alone almost daily for several months. But I felt increasingly bored and undisciplined in my solo workouts. I had no guidance, no encouragement, and no motivation to push myself. Not surprisingly, I was perpetually frustrated by the lack of results. I needed a trainer who would educate me, would fashion a program for me based on my goals, and would push me when I needed it. My overall everyday fitness has gone up terrifically. Basic stamina and endurance in my work and personal life is greatly improved. My emotional health feels more stable; less prone to being affected by high work-induced stress. Most importantly, my endurance for long and demanding drum playing has gone way up, making my live performances both more energetic and less exhausting. Read more of Peter's story by clicking here.

Robin Rogers (Marketing Communications): Click here to read Robin's story. 

Anne Woodard (Student Financial Services): I wanted to share that I had my annual physical last week, and my doctor was very impressed with my numbers, weight, and overall well-being.   When I was extoling the virtues of the MBM Program both my doctor and the nurse assisting her said that they are SO impressed with Ithaca College and what we are achieving here.  They have seen patient after patient with dramatic improvements who are participating in our program.  They couldn’t stop praising it enough!!! I just wanted you to know that it is not just OUR community that is noticing our success; it is the entire Ithaca community as well! I am so proud!!! Read more of Anne's story by clicking here. 

Barbara Adams (Writing): Click here to read Barbara's story.

John Bradac (Career Services): Click here to read John's story. 

Sarah Shank (Library): I just want to let you all know how appreciative I am that IC gives staff this opportunity.  I LOVE being able to go to the wellness clinic—even if I can only make the time Monday and Friday.  I’ve learned so much from the students that work there, and am VERY slowly changing habits.  I was pleased that some of these changes were evident when we did our new numbers a few weeks ago. I have also been able to connect to others around campus a little better; which is nice because my work ties me to my desk so frequently.

Anonymous: I am a local Physical Therapist. I have to say the Mind Body Me program at Ithaca College is exceptional. My wife is a member and very frequently tells me about the program and what she has done working with her trainer Lucy Cox. I think Lucy does a great job providing creative and very well planned workouts. I am impressed the amount of effort she put into creating these individualized sessions. I have had the pleasure of Lucy shadowing me in the clinic and I am sure she will be a great PT in the future. I just want you to know I recommend your program to all my patients from Ithaca College. I think it is great something so beneficial is available to your employees… and for free! Keep up the good work. 

Anonymous: Thanks for a great program. I believe that MBM provides a life altering opportunity and we, as employees of Ithaca College, are very lucky to have access to such an uplifting experience.

Anonymous: It was a slow start but I have made some progress with my weight and health goals. I have lost 22lbs and several inches off my waist. my blood pressure has come down and I fully expect that my cholesterol has come down too. the Mind, Body, Me program has allowed me to look at my goals more realistically and in a different way. I now look at my total health and wellness and not specific results such as my weight as the end goal. I would like to point out that the staff at the Wellness Clinic have been a great resource with exercise and nutrition guidance. It is great to have all of the positive feedback from everyone involved in the program. Thank you for all of the support and encouragement!

Mark Coldren (Human Resources): "We all go through those rationalizations about how the clothes we have are brands that 'run smaller', that we will start being more active when 'things calm down', the list goes on for each of us", "A lot of my friends and colleagues were in it.", "10 months later, I lowered my bad cholesterol, lowered my blood pressure, improved my BMI, lost about 25 pounds!", "Knowing my job expects me to be healthy to be productive - that really gets me going every day."

Nancy Pierce (Biology): "I feel healthier, have more energy, more fit, and I sleep better too!", "I make the extra effort to do stairs and take a longer route if time permits. I also find myself wanting to exercise and feel guilty on the day I can't"

Deborah Merriman (Human Resources): "Spouse had a heart attack a few years ago which changed our focus to a healthier lifestyle.", "Exercise has become more like a habit than a task to cross off our list.", "People around me helped keep me motivated; different types of activities and workshops."

Anonymous: "I kept myself motivated once I started feeling better after every workout and the fact that I was finally losing weight.", "I find myself not minding if I have to park far from where I need to be; before I'd wait for a spot, now I just park where there is a spot and walk.", "My helpings and servings are now cut down by 1/3 of what they were.", I have lost over 29.5 pounds to date and I have gone down 3.07 points on my BMI and I am getting stronger."

Jim Mica (Admission): "MBM gives me the chance to do something about my health on campus.", " I've been able to take care of some long standing muscle strains without doing PT. And my blood glucose levels improved.", "I've actually noticed less muscle pain which has kept up with the motivation.", "Eating habits have changed - I've gone from slogging my way over to the fitness center and performing pretty desultory workouts to looking forward to exercise."

Ian Woods (Biology): "My eating habits have changed: no more red meat or cheese, strong reduction in cookies!", "I've lost about 8lbs or so since starting in January"