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Mind, Body, Me Wellness Program

Chair MassagesChair Massages
On-Campus chair massages are offered to our Mind, Body, Me members every month.

"I just had my chair massage with Mr. Haley. He was terrific - I felt like a different person walking out than the person who walked in! What a perfect experience to remind me to hit the pause and reset buttons!" - Mary DePalma


"This is a tremendous tool for recharging my battery during the work day. It's amazing how relaxing it is to have a quick massage to stretch out my neck, shoulders, arms and back. It also serves as a conscious reminder for being aware of good posture and proper ergonomics at work." - Karenn Reeter


Jeffery Haley, LMT and owner of the Massage Station, will be on campus to offer FREE chair massage to our Mind, Body, Me members! This is part of our continued commitment to promote wellness at Ithaca College and support a healthier you!


20 minute massage sessions will be offered from 11:00am - 3:00pm, every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month on a first come, first served basis in the Office of Human Resources. Members will receive emails with sign up information for two session at a time, so keep an eye out! 


About Chair Massage:

Chair Massage is therapeutic massage performed in a specially designed chair that supports the body in a completely relaxed position.  Massage is performed through the clothing and is very easy to participate in. 


Specific techniques are applied to the body to help relieve tight, sore muscles, reduce stress, renew the mind and help restore balance to the mind and body.  The benefits of massage are accumulative providing the experience to help manage stress, prevent injury and maintain balance. 


Areas that can be addressed: Head, Neck, Shoulders, Arms and Hands, Mid to Lower back, Hips, Calves and Feet.  Chair Massage has shown to have a positive effect on common complaints like headaches, stiff neck, rotator cuff (shoulder) pain, tennis/golfers elbow, carpal tunnel symptoms, discomfort along either side of the spine and low back pain.


Customized: With a short intake the Massage Station is able to customize the chair massage to your specific need.   



About Jeffery Haley and the Massage Station practitioners:

Jeffery Haley is a NY Licensed and Nationally certified Massage Therapist.  He has been practicing for over 14 years and has advanced training in muscle energy techniques; he is also faculty at the International College of Healing Arts.   Jeffery owns the Massage Station, and has a private studio practice in Ithaca. His mission is to make effective therapeutic massage and wellness support more accessible to you and the communities he serves. Jeffery is committed to facilitating the overall wellness culture at Ithaca College, creating an environment on campus to facilitate your well-being and put you in the drivers’ seat of your health. 


Whether your working with Jeffery or any other Practitioner of the Massage Station you can be assured your needs will be met.  All the practitioners are licensed in the state of New York, they have advanced training and experience providing seated massage.  The practitioners have been chosen for their commitment to the art and science of therapeutic massage and their deep compassion to facilitate the well-being of their clients.