Thank you for visiting the Compensation, Payroll, & Organizational Design webpage. The Compensation, Payroll & Organizational Design office administers Ithaca College's compensation program and payroll processes, and provides assistance to various College departments with organizational design activities. We are available to assist staff and administrators in understanding and administering compensation, answerpayroll related questions, and consult on job design and departmental reorganizations.

If you have any questions about any element of compensation please direct them to the email on the right and a compensation representative will respond as quickly as possible. 

Make your next paycheck Paperless! Save time & the environment!

Did you know you can get your paycheck deposited directly into your personal bank account, and that you can sign up for this service through Parnassus, our online employee self-service system? Simply login to Parnassus, click IC Employee Self Service and select “Manage Direct Deposit Information” and fill the appropriate information. For more detailed instructions see our help document below:

Adding a Direct Deposit Account

Creating and Accessing IC Job Descriptions

All on-going positions at Ithaca College have a written job description, intended to provide an overview of the essential job duties. We work with department supervisors to develop and maintain accurate and up to date job descriptions. Employees can request a copy of their job description from their supervisors.