Workplace Harassment Prevention

Ithaca College values a respectful environment free from harassment and discrimination based on race, sex, religion, disability or sexual orientation.  Unwanted advances, sexually explicit conduct, differential treatment, or offensive jokes have a detrimental impact on the workplace environment and will not be tolerated.

Faculty and staff members alike are sometimes unsure whether they have been or are being sexually harassed, or if conduct that they have engaged in could be considered harassment.  Please review the College’s Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy, the Institutional Policy on Disability and the Policy on Sexual Harassment.  In addition, all employees are required to complete an online learning program through United Educators entitled Workplace Harassment Prevention. Below are the instructions for enrolling in United Educators' faculty/staff learning program.

Any Ithaca College employee who experiences work-related harassment must report it immediately to the Office of Employee Relations & Equity Compliance in Human Resources.


1. Go to

2. First-time users should click "Register Now" on the right. The following information is required:

a. Username (Netpass ID suggested but not required*)

b. Name

c. Ithaca College email address (do not use gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.)

d. Department (or Division)

e. Position

f. Role (If you supervise employees, please choose the “Supervisor” option; otherwise, select "Faculty" or "Staff" as appropriate.)

g. Enter the Institution Code: 1048-SC37-XY12

3. You will receive an email providing you with a temporary password. Sign in and change your password.

4. On the Learning Programs page, click the "Launch Learning Program" button under Workplace Harassment Prevention.  Then, click on Workplace Harassment Prevention 113, select the course, and complete all five modules.

5. If you have any issues with the course, please feel free to contact the 24-hour help desk.

a. Email:

b. Phone: 301-830-4587

c. Chat:

*If you receive an error message that your selected username is already in the system, it will be necessary to select another username of your choosing.