Check Your Email!

 The Campus Acceptance, Inclusion, and Fairness Survey in now open until November 14th

We are asking ALL members of the Ithaca College campus community (faculty/staff/students) to participate in this campus climate survey.  Each campus member will receive an email invitation - We NEED your perspective and your suggestions in order to ensure a welcoming climate at Ithaca College!

Here’s what you need to do:
1) Check your email for the link.
2) Click on the link and take the ten minute survey.
3) Remind your friends to take the survey.

That’s it! The survey is confidential and will be open for two weeks - be sure your voice is heard!

This is an opportunity for all members of the campus community to share their views regarding diversity and inclusion. If you have any questions, please contact Mark Coldren, AVP for Human Resources, via phone or email at 274-3853 ( or Tanisha Graves at 274-3083 (

For additional information, see the October 11, 2012 Intercom article located here: /intercom/article.php/20121011154031171

Please post this message for all employees in your area that do not have regular access to email.

Thank you!