Important Information Regarding Flexible Spending Accounts Deadline and Special Features

If you made contributions to a Flexible Spending Account during 2008, you have until March 31, 2009 to submit eligible expenses incurred from January 1, 2008 thorugh December 31, 2008.

Claims received after the March 31, 2008 deadline will not be processed, and any remaining FSA balances will be forfeited.

Claims may be filed with Aetna, the FSA claim administrator, by mail addressed to:

Aetna FSA Unit
P.O. Box 4000
Richmond, KY 40476-4000

or by fax at: 888-238-3539.

Guidelines about allowable FSA expenses and claim filing requirements can be found on the Aetna FSA web site at: .

For your convenience, FSA claim forms are also posted on the Office of Human Resources’ website and are available in paper format in the Administration Annex.

Health Care - /hr/documents/benefits/medical/fsa/healthcare/aetna_hcfsa_reimb_09/

Dependent Care - /hr/documents/benefits/medical/fsa/dependent/aetna_dcfsa_reimb_09/

Over the Counter Rx- /hr/documents/benefits/medical/fsa/otc/aetna_otc_reimb_09/

In addition to the deadline for filing claims, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you about the Health Care FSA Streamline and AutoDebit Features.

The AutoDebit Feature has your prescription drug out-of-pocket expenses automatically drawn from your FSA balance and paid to the pharmacy provided it is in-network. Similarly, the Streamlining Feature automatically passes eligible health care expenses processed by Aetna to your FSA without you having to complete a reimbursement request.

As convenient as these features are, there are some circumstances that may necessitate opting out of them. For example, those who have secondary coverage under another health plan, those covering a qualified domestic partner on their medical plan who is not a tax dependent, or those who have joined the FSA for reimbursement of orthodontia expenses.

For employees who are in a Shared Family situation (both spouses/qualified domestic partners work at the College), the primary medical account holder is able to have the AutoDebit and Streamline Features on their account, however; any claims to be paid against the secondary holder’s FSA will have to be manually submitted.

Please Note: If you elected last year to opt-out of the features just mentioned, you must do so each year. Your opt-out election will not be carried over from year to year.

If you have any questions about your FSA, including any available balances, please contact Aetna FSA Customer Service toll free at 877-392-3862.

Originally published in Intercom: Important Information Regarding Flexible Spending Accounts Deadline and Special Features.