Attention Newly-Hired Student Employees

Once you have received an offer of employment for an on-campus job, and BEFORE YOU BEGIN WORKING you MUST complete your I-9 and tax withholding forms. All new student employees are required to SIGN UP and attend a New Student Employment Program (NSEP) session to do mandatory paperwork and learn about their responsibilities as student employees.  If you have worked on campus before, and are an undergraduate, you do not need to do this paperwork again.  The following items are required in order to complete your paperwork (if you are a U.S. citizen):


An ORIGINAL Social Security Card + Photo ID card issued by a federal, state or local government agency, or College ID card


An ORIGINAL Birth Certificate + Photo ID as noted above


OR You can go here for a complete list of acceptable documents


**Note that only original documentation will be accepted. Photocopies, faxes, scans, emails etc. are not permitted.


Noncitizens, permanent residents and aliens authorized should contact Student Employment Services to determine what documents you need to have in order to work.


As part of the Human Resources Department, Student Employment Office Services is a resource for Ithaca College students looking to obtain employment on campus. We assist students in completing their employment paperwork to be eligible to work on campus. We also maintain an online jobs database. Matriculated Ithaca College undergraduate and graduate students and those with work study awards are eligible to apply for these jobs.  Before employment can begin, all students must provide specific documentation (noted above) and fill out the required paperwork.