Employment Options

Off-Campus Community Service Program

Ithaca College, with assistance from the federal government, pays students to work for nonprofit agencies in Ithaca and the greater Ithaca area.


There is limited availability within this program, therefore these positions are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.


  1. A student must have a 2014-2015 Federal Work-Study award allocated in their Financial Aid package. In order to work in these positions, students MUST be referred to agencies by the Student Employment Office. The amount of money that you earn in this program cannot exceed your total FWS award.

  2. Due to the high demand to work in this program and the limited amount of funding and openings, we've created an online application. STUDENTS must complete this form first. We will not meet with any student until this is completed, and will contact them for interviews after.

    • The Off-Campus Community Service work-study program encourages employment within community service organizations and in fields related to a student’s major of study.

  3. Once our office determines that the student is “eligible” to work in this program, we meet with the student individually to refer job placement openings. We allow the student to select different placements that they think they are interested in.

  4. We then complete a referral form for the student to bring to the agency. 

  5. Once the “hiring” information has been received by our office, we will complete a Hiring Addendum for the student to return to the supervisor for completion. This form needs to be signed by all those who may approve hours worked for this student employee. Also a complete job description of what this student’s job duties are is needed at this time and hours per week. (Note: students cannot work more than nine hours per week in this program).

  6. As soon as the student or the supervisor returns the Hiring Addendum and a job description to our office, the student may begin working.