Student Employee Appreciation

Student Employee of the Year 2014

Student Employees perform an invaluable service with enthusiasm, dedication and initiative.  Along with our annual celebration of appreciation that takes place in April, we will be honoring one student employee with an Ithaca College Student Employee of the Year Award.  Each department will be allowed one student nomination. The Student Employment Office will begin accepting nominations immediately and continue to do so until March 28, 2014.  Ithaca College employs approximately 3,000 student employees each academic year, and we know that selecting just one student nominee per department is a hard task. We highly recommend departmental committees for the nomination selection process. The nomination must come from the head of department in which the student is employed.


The Application Form will be available until March 28, 2014. Nominations past this date will not be accepted.

Requirements to be included are:

Nomination Letter:

A Nomination Letter describing the nominee’s accomplishments that qualify him or her to be considered for this award.  Where possible, cite the reason(s) for the nomination.  To give your nominee the best chance to win this award, make your nomination letter as comprehensive as possible listing specific examples of how or why they are outstanding—not just that they are outstanding.  Please keep the following qualities in mind when writing your letter: reliability, quality of work, initiative, professionalism, and uniqueness of contribution.

Student’s Statement:

The Student’s Statement should be a written letter from the student explaining why s/he feels they should be considered for this award.

Student’s Resume:

The student’s resume should contain work experience, awards and any achievements.

Other Eligibility Requirements:

Eligible students include degree-seeking part-time/full-time students enrolled at Ithaca College who are employed by Ithaca College in student-level positions on or off campus.  Nominees may be undergraduate students or graduate students who are performing student employee jobs. Graduate Teaching or Research Assistants are not eligible (exempt and/or non-exempt). Resident Assistants are not eligible for this nomination.

The nominated student MUST have been employed by your department for a minimum of six (6) months (part time) continually within the calendar year January 2013 – December 2013.

The award winner will be announced the first part of April. The winner will receive an invitation to a celebration held on campus with their supervisor(s), department heads, and others to recognize them for their exemplary work and contribution, along with a gift of recognition.