Student Information

General Student Employment Information

It is important to remember that while you are a student employee here at Ithaca College, you should treat your job as you would any other "real world" position. As such, your conduct and dress in the workplace should reflect professionalism during your shift. Here are some easy guidelines and rules to follow. Keep in mind that these rules may vary from department to department so please consult with your supervisor for more specific information.


  • A student's foremost responsibility on the clock is to complete the work assigned to them.
  • Distractions from friends, significant others, etc. are discouraged during this time.
  • Certain visitors, such as parents, may be allowed during the student's shift if approved by their supervisor.
  • If a student is distracted or their work is impeded by such events, supervisors may take appropriate disciplinary action.

Homework While at Work

  • The ability to do your homework while on duty varies with each position.
  • If you work in an area where homework is allowed, please remember that your primary job must come first.
  • Do not keep students/parents/visitors waiting while you are doing your homework.

Dress Code

  • When you interview for a prospective position, ask the supervisor what dress code may be expected for your position.
  • Please be respectful in your appearance.
  • You are representing the college and yourself so show pride in how you appear. Remember: it only takes a few seconds to make a first impression!

Phone and Email Etiquette

  • Answering phones and emails is an important skill, and learning to do so effectively is a crucial component of the spread of important information here at Ithaca College.
  • When answering phones or emails, be courteous and professional and avoid using slang or profanities.
  • Always return calls or emails promptly.
  • If you do not know the answer to a question, direct the person to someone who can or ask your supervisor for assistance.
  • A detailed guide is provided for your convenience at the following link.