Accessing Manager Self-Service

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Self-Service HR 5.2
NAVHRI04 [ 27-APR-07 ]


This procedure covers logging onto Manager Self-Service.


Internet Explorer is the supported browser for Manager Self-Service.  If you experience very unusual display or other types of problems with MSS, the problem may very well be eliminated by using Internet Explorer.

Protect the confidentiality of information accessed through Manager Self-Service by:

Problems that are technical in nature that arise when using Manager Self-Service should be directed to the IC Help Desk by e-mail at or phone at 274-3282.  Procedural questions should be directed to the HRIS Director.  Policy questions can usually be answered by referencing the Ithaca College Policy Manual.

Only employees with Manager Self-Service responsibilities can access MSS. Here managers view or submit changes to information in the records of employees who directly report to them, or who are in departments that directly report to them.

Changes in Manager Self-Service that cannot be completed can now be saved for later by selecting the [Save for Later] button. Many MSS tasks are update tasks. There is also a cancel button on each panel of every update task. If you do not wish to Save for Later, be sure to use the cancel button to discard the transaction (closing the window does not cancel the transaction).


Manager Self-Service User


The HRIS Director [] is responsible for ensuring that this document is necessary and that it reflects actual practice.

Activity Preface

You must know your Parnassus username and password.  You must have a Manager Self-Service responsibility.

The job title Manager refers to:


1. Access Parnassus.

There are many ways to connect to Parnassus; two are provided below: either enter the web address in the browser directly, or access the page through the Ithaca College website.

Parnassus is the information system that hosts Manager Self-Service.  You have to access this system in order to get to Manager Self-Service.

This is the instance that contains live data; it is the most up-to-date.

2. Enter your Username and Password.

If this is your first time logging in to Parnassus, goto task #3. Otherwise, goto task #4.

3. Change your password.

When you logon for the first time, the following message will prompt you to change your password. 

4. Click your “Manager Self-Service” hyperlink. 

5. Select the menu item that relates to the action you would like to perform.

End of activity.

Accessing Manager Self-Service: Flowchart Start Manager Task #1 Task #2 Decision Manager Task #3 Manager Task #4 Manager Task #5 End