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Changing Personal Information in Employee Self-Service


This procedure covers the use of Employee Self-Service to change an employee’s own personal information in Parnassus.


Employee Self-Service Transactions generate updates/corrections to the employee’s permanent record.

Employee Self-Service Transactions should have effective dates set to the event date.

Changes in Employee Self-Service that cannot be completed should always be cancelled by selecting the [Cancel] button.


Employee Self-Service User*


The Human Resources Information Systems Manager [] is responsible for ensuring that this document is necessary and that it reflects actual practice.

Activity Preface

This activity is performed whenever an employee would like to change their personal details. This includes their name, address and phone number.

Before performing this procedure, the employee must be aware that they are working with their real personnel file, and that changes to this file will be reflected in their permanent record.

The job title Employee refers to:


1.   Access Employee Self-Service

Refer to Accessing Employee Self-Service [NAVHRI01]

2.   Select Personal Information

3.   Review your information.

Personal information in Parnassus is categorized as follows:

4.   Select a field to [Update] or to which you will [Add] new information.

5.   Choose either “Correct…” or “Enter new information…”

Note: When making changes, you need to keep in mind that your information is recorded on a timeline.

If you are correcting a record that has information that was never true since your employment at IC (i.e. your name is misspelled), you will need to change the record from the beginning. You will select “Correct or complete the current details.” You will also select this when you need to add details to your record that have always been true since your employment at IC.

If you are updating a record with information that has changed since your employment at IC, (i.e. you move to a new address) you will need to change the record on the timeline. You will select “Enter new information because of a real change to the current details.”

6.   Navigate

Be aware that at the bottom of the screen there are navigation links. The Cancel button exists in every update screen.

If you decide to cancel your update, or you have selected the wrong field to update, click cancel. Simply closing the window will not cancel the transaction. By clicking cancel, you are able to back out of any form at any time before the change is applied without adjusting your record.

7.   Make changes to the data.

Click in an empty box and add information. For boxes that already have information in them, highlight the data with your mouse, and type the new information. Continue to update all boxes on the screen that you would like to update.

8.   Click Next.

9.   Review your changes.

10. Click Submit Information.

You will get the confirmation message: “Your changes have been applied”

11. Click Return to Overview.

If you will be making any further changes to other fields, goto task #3. Otherwise, goto task #12.

12. Click the “Home” link (in the upper right hand corner of the page)

You can continue to work with Employee Self-Service from here.

13. Click the “Logout” link (in the upper right corner of the page) when finished with Employee Self-Service to properly disconnect from Parnassus.

End of activity.

Changing Personal Information in Employee Self-Service: Flowchart Start Employee Task #1 Employee Task #2 Employee Task #3 Employee Task #4 Employee Task #5 Employee Task #6 Employee Task #7 Employee Task #8 Employee Task #9 Employee Task #10 Employee Task #11 Decision Employee Task #12 Employee Task #13 End

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