Updating Tax Information in Employee Self-Service


This procedure covers the use of Employee Self-Service to view and update an employee’s tax information.


Employee Self-Service Transactions generate updates/corrections to an employee’s permanent record.

Changes to an employee’s Tax Record in Employee Self-Service

Changes in Employee Self-Service that cannot be completed should always be cancelled by selecting the [Cancel] button.


Employee Self-Service User*


The HRIS Director [bgriffin@ithaca.edu] is responsible for ensuring that this document is necessary and that it reflects actual practice.

Activity Preface

This activity is performed whenever an employee would like to review their tax status or make changes to their tax withholding status.

The job title Employee refers to:


1. Access Employee Self-Service

Refer to Accessing Employee Self-Service [NAVHRI01]

2. Select Tax Forms

3. View Header Information

Please contact HR Information at hrsystem@ithaca.edu or 274-1317 if you believe the email address or employee ID is not correct.

4. View your Federal tax withholding information.

This is your Federal tax withholding information, which is used to calculate your tax withholding amount per pay period.

If you would like to update your Federal Tax Information, goto task #5. Otherwise, goto task #15.

5. Click [Update]

Note that this page opens with your current settings.

6. Observe important navigation buttons.

If you want to leave this page, or if you decide to cancel your update, click [Cancel].  Simply closing the window will not cancel the transaction.  By clicking [Cancel], you are able to back out of any form at any time before the change is applied without adjusting your record.

7. Refer to the Federal W-4 Form.

This worksheet will help you to calculate your allowances.

8. Fill out the Withholdings section completely.

NOTE: You should review every field on this form, even if you only want to change one of the fields and leave the rest the same.  Parnassus will update your withholding information from your entries on this form.  Therefore, your tax withholding information will be set equal to your entries on this form.

9. NOTE: Last Name Different

If your last name differs from that shown on your social security card, click the box provided.

10.    Decide if you are FIT Exempt.

If you meet both conditions for Federal Income Tax Exemption, check the box in this section.  Claiming federal tax exempt status could cause serious repercussions with the IRS.  If you are not sure that you qualify, contact the Payroll Office.

11.    Read the Agreement.

Read the Agreement, and Check the box when you have finished.  You cannot continue with your changes if you do not check this box.

12.    Click the [Continue] button.

13.    Review your new tax withholding information within the on-line version of your W4 form that is presented.

NOTE that there is a scroll bar within the W4 “window”

If your changes are incorrect, click [Back] to adjust your information.

If you would like to quit without applying the changes, click [Cancel].

14.    Click [Submit] if your changes are correct.

15.    Updating your State tax withholding status.

Your state tax withholding status is provided in your online pay slip.  Employee Self-Service does not yet provide for an online update of your state tax withholding information.  However, a link to your state's tax form is provided.  Submit the completed form to the Payroll Office if you would like to change your state tax withholding status.

If you would like to update your State Tax Information, goto task #16. Otherwise, goto task #19.

16.    Read the instructions.

17.    Click the New York State Withholding link.

This link will not take you directly to a withholding form; rather, it will connect you to the NYS Tax Form page. 

Each form has instructions so that you can determine if you qualify for special exemptions.

18.    Print the Form and Fill it out.

19.    Click the Home link when you are finished viewing your tax information.

You can continue to work with Employee Self-Service from the main menu.

20.    Click the Logout link when finished with Employee Self-Service to properly disconnect from Parnassus.

End of activity.

Updating Tax Information in Employee Self-Service: Flowchart Start Employee Task #1 Task #2 Task #3 Task #4 Decision Employee Task #5 Task #6 Employee Task #7 Task #8 Task #9 Task #10 Task #11 Task #12 Task #13 Task #14 Employee Task #15 Decision Employee Task #16 Task #17 Task #18 Employee Task #19 Flowchart 2

Updating Tax Information in Employee Self-Service: Flowchart Employee Task #20 End