Submitting a New-Hire Transaction in MSS


This procedure covers submitting a New Hire transaction via Manager Self-Service, which initiates creation of the employee's record in Parnassus.


Only employees with Manager Self-Service responsibilities can access MSS.  Here managers view or submit changes to information in the records of employees who directly report to them, or who are in departments that directly report to them.

New Hire Transactions in Manager Self-Service

Unless otherwise indicated in the Manager Self-Service transaction, salaries/hourly rates will be charged to the default salary account number for the employee's primary organization (department).

Manager Self-Service transactions and associated workflows serve to ensure accurate processing and provide authorization to change employee records.  All MSS transactions must include an electronic copy of written communication to the employee to help meet the stated goal (not to mention minimize employee confusion, etc.).


Manager Self-Service User*


The HRIS Director [] is responsible for ensuring that this document is necessary and that it reflects actual practice.

Activity Preface

This activity is performed whenever you have received all the paperwork from Employment on a potential new hire and you have received approval to hire a new employee.  You must have all the details in front of you to complete the New-Hire Form, including:

When a record change is submitted through Manager Self-Service, the information goes through a workflow for approval.  There is a time-delay as the transaction is processed.  When it has gone completely through the workflow, you will receive an email notification. 

Refer to An Overview of the MSS Approval Process [REFHRI01] for details on the MSS Workflow.


The job title Manager refers to:


1. Access Manager Self-Service

Refer to Accessing Manager Self-Service [NAVHRI04]

2. Select “Hire a New Employee”.

This pulls up the first page of the Hire a New Employee Form. 

3. Enter the new employee’s last name, first name.

If Parnassus finds a duplicate name in the system; please contact HR Information at

4. Enter the new employee’s social security number.

Use dashes.  For example: 111-11-1111

5. Enter the Date of Hire.

First date of work for staff and administration. Appointment Form begin date for faculty; Usually 16-Aug-20YY for FT faculty and the first day of classes (fall semester) or 16-Jan-20YY for PT faculty.

6. Check the accuracy of the information you entered and then click

7. Select Person Type from the dropdown list.

8. Review new employee’s first and last name for accuracy, and enter middle name (and suffix, if necessary).

9. Review the new employee’s social security number for accuracy.  Enter 01-JAN-1951 for Date of Birth – actual birth date will be collected during the new-hire session.  Select employee’s Gender from the drop down list.

10.    Enter Home Address.

If there is more than one match a pop-up window will open.  Choose the city with the correct state and zip code (or range) and click on the corresponding Quick Select icon Select.

11.    Select phone number type from the dropdown list and enter the phone number.  Be sure to include area code and hyphens.  You may add a row to enter another phone number by clicking on  or delete a phone number record by clicking on the delete icon - Click this to delete the row.

12.    Review the information you entered for accuracy and then click .

13.    Highlight the default entry in the Organization field with your mouse, type the first few characters of the Department name and depress the tab key.

If there is more than one match, a pop-up window will open.  Choose the correct department from the list and click on the Quick Select icon Select.

14.    Enter People Group:  type “A” (ADMSTF) for Administration/Staff or “F” (FACLTY) for Faculty and depress the tab key.

15.    Enter Position.

After you have entered the organization (department), click on the flashlight and the Go button in the search window to bring up a list of all valid positions for that organization. Choose the correct position from the list of valid positions for this organization and click on the Quick Select icon Select.

16.    The Oracle Job should fill automatically based on the position that you chose.

Contact the Director of Compensation and Organizational Design for assistance if this field does not fill automatically.

17.    Verify that Grade Name that was automatically updated is correct.  If it is not, contact the Director of Compensation and Organizational Design at

18.    Verify the Payroll and Salary Information.

19.    Select the appropriate Assignment Status from the dropdown list.

20.    Verify that Location information that was automatically entered is correct. If it is not, please, contact HR Information at

21.    Select the appropriate Assignment Category from the dropdown list.

      Remember that the term "Regular" designates employees who are in ongoing positions, and "Temporary" designates employees who have a period of employment with a definite end date.

22.    Select the appropriate Salary Basis from the dropdown list. Choose "Annual Salary Basis" for exempt employees who are paid in equal installments over the entire academic or fiscal year, "Period Salary Basis" for exempt employees who are paid a fixed amount for a specific period of time other than the academic or fiscal year, or "Hourly Salary Basis" for non-exempt employees.

23.    Verify and complete Statutory Information.

24.    Verify the accuracy of the information you entered and then click .

25.    Enter the New Employee’s hourly rate (non-exempt) or annual salary (exempt) into one of the fields of the corresponding column of the Pay Rate grid. Depress the “Tab” key to fill the other fields in the Table.

26.    Check the accuracy of the information you entered and then click .

27.    Review all entries for accuracy when you are presented with the Review page.

28.    Attach the electronic copy of the offer letter to the new hire transaction:

28.    Enter Comments.  Approver comments that may assist those in the workflow can be included in the comments section at the end of the review page.  Comments will help the transaction to move through the workflow faster.

29.    Print the Confirmation page for your records if you desire.

This step is optional.

This will open a new window from which you should select File and Print from the tool bar.

30.    Close the new window after you have printed your review page.

31.    Click the "Submit" button to submit the new hire transaction.

32.    Click the “Home” link  or button to return to the Main Menu when you are finished.

You can continue to work with Manager Self-Service from the main menu.

33.    Click the Logout link when finished with Manager Self-Service to properly disconnect from Parnassus.

End of activity.

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Submitting a Hire a New Employee form in MSS: Flowchart Task #19 Task #20 Task #21 Task #22 Task #23 Task #24 Task #25 Task #26 Task #27 Task #28 Flowchart 3

Submitting a Hire a New Employee form in MSS: Flowchart Task #29 Task #30 Task #31 End