Submitting a Salary Increase/Decrease in MSS

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Self-Service HR 5.2
PROHRI27 [ 10-MAY-07 ]


This procedure covers submitting an increase or decrease to an employee's salary. This procedure is not to be used for Annual Review.

Documentation for the Annual Review process is available in ARGUS.


Only employees with Manager Self-Service responsibilities can access MSS. Here managers view or submit changes to information in the records of employees who directly report to them, or who are in departments that directly report to them.

Except for New Hire and Termination Transactions, all Manager Self-Service transactions must have a pay period begin date for the effective date.

Manager Self-Service policy exists in conjunction with the Ithaca College Policy Manual. Refer to the IC Policy Manual for any additional policy questions.

Always select a reason for salary change when processing a Manager Self-Service transaction that includes a change in salary or hourly rate.


Manager Self-Service User*


The HRIS Director [] is responsible for ensuring that this document is necessary and that it reflects actual practice.

Activity Preface

This activity is performed whenever you want to submit a pay rate change to an employee's record.

When a record change is submitted through Manager Self-Service, the information goes through a workflow for approval. There is a time-delay as the transaction is processed. When it has completely gone through the workflow, you will receive an email notification.

Refer to An Overview of the MSS Approval Process [REFHRI01] for details on the MSS Workflow.

The job title Manager refers to:


1. Access Manager Self-Service

Refer to Accessing Manager Self-Service [NAVHRI04]

2. Select "Change Assignment".

If you are not presented with a hierarchical view of “My Employees”, goto task #3 Otherwise goto task #4.

3. Search for the employee whose pay rate is changing by entering the last name of the employee who has resigned and click on the “Go” button.

4. Click the Action icon  for the employee whose pay will be changed.

5. Enter the Effective Date.

6. Review data field values on each page as you click the  button until you reach the Pay Rate page.

7. Enter the new Pay Rate.

8. Select a reason for the salary change from the drop-down list of values.

9. Click the  button to go to the Review Screen.

10.    Review the transaction details.

11.    Add Comments to Approver on the Review page.

12.    Print the Review page for your records if you desire. (This step is optional.)

13.    Close the new window after you have printed your review page.

14.    Click the button on the Review screen.

15.    Click the “Home” link or button to return to the Main Menu when you are finished.

16.    Click the "Logout" link when finished with Manager Self-Service to properly disconnect from Parnassus.

End of activity.

Submitting a Salary Increase/Decrease in MSS: Flowchart Start Manager Task #1 Task #2 Decision Manager Task #3 Manager Task #4 Task #5 Task #6 Task #7 Task #8 Task #9 Task #10 Task #11 Task #12 Task #13 Manager Task #14 Task #15 Task #16 End