Academic Status

Information on Readmission and Transferring Credits

Requirements for Consideration for Readmission

To be considered for readmission following academic suspension, you must:

1. Obtain an Application for Readmission to Ithaca College from the Office of the Registrar.  You will need to complete the application and submit an essay.  Your essay must include an educational plan that describes how you intend to complete a successful program of study during the semester in which your are readmitted. Forward official transcripts of any studies completed at other institutions during the period you are away from Ithaca College.

2.  Submit the Application for Readmission to the Office of the Registrar by July 1 for readmission for the fall semester and by December 1 for readmission for the spring semester.

3.  Complete at least six credit hours concurrently at an accredited institution.  Earn no final grades less than a B.  This condition applies to all courses taken even if you enroll in more than six credits.  For information about accredited institutions, contact the Office of the Registrar at 607 274 3127. International students must take a minimum of 12 credits at another accredited institution to keep their visa and must receive no final grades less than a B.

4.  Enroll in coursework in the humanities and sciences' disciplines; coursework must be approve by the Dean's Office prior to enrollment.  In other words, the courses should be similar to those listed in the School of Humanities and Sciences' section of the Ithaca College Undergraduate Catalog and must meet the criteria for transfer to Ithaca College.  Do not take a course at another institution if you already received credit for its equivalent at Ithaca College as it will  not be transferable.

 How to Transfer Credit

1.   To determine whether the courses you wish to take are appropriate, obtain a Petition for Transfer Credit from the Office of the Registrar (607-274-3127); they will certify that the school where you plan to take courses is an accredited institution and will send you the petition.

2.   Complete the petition and submit it to the Dean’s Office before enrolling in the courses. We will review the petition and will determine whether the courses are appropriate. If you do not file a petition prior to enrolling, it is possible that the courses you take will not be eligible for transfer to the College.

3.   If you are readmitted to Ithaca College, the Office of the Registrar will review your official transcript and will transfer these credits to the College in accordance with the transfer credit policy outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog.

4.   Note that credits taken elsewhere may be transferable, but grades from other institutions do not transfer and therefore will not affect your Ithaca College GPA. Only courses for which you earn a final grade of C- or better may transfer to Ithaca College.



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