Transfer Students

Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC)

The Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC) is the set of liberal arts requirements that comprise the common academic experience for all Ithaca College students. The program is designed to help students develop skills in integrative thinking, critical and analytical problem solving, and reflective learning. The ICC at Ithaca College is a set of thought-provoking academic experiences that will connect you to your peers across campus, and connect your thoughts and ideas across disciplines to help you shape your understanding of the world.

Information regarding the Integrative Core Curriculum is available in the Catalog as well as the ICC website.  Specific information related to transfer students and the ICC requirement can be found at /icc/docs/ResourceStudents/.

Refer to the Humanities and Sciences section of the Catalog for specifics regarding the Complementary Liberal Arts (CLA) component of ICC.  Additionally information related to declaring your CLA can be found on our website.

Where to find courses designated for ICC:

1.      A comprehensive listing of all the courses designated for ICC is available on the ICC website.

2.      It is possible to search for classes by ICC designation via HomerConnect as well.


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