Complementary Liberal Arts in H&S

IC Minors, LA Credits, and the CLA

This document provides information (effective as of the 2012-13 catalog) about the number of LA credits required by minors across the IC campus. Students electing the "minor" option to fulfill the H&S CLA requirement must be sure that there are 12 liberal arts credits in the minor that do not overlap with major requirements. Students who are interested in a minor that does not have at least 12 liberal arts credits may be able to create a self-designed suite that uses the liberal arts courses in the minor, combined with additional liberal arts courses outside the minor to meet the 12 credit requirement.

Note: this document pertains only to the catalog year indicated; students should double-check that the catalog requirements have not changed for the year in which they submit their Planning Statement.

Download IC Minors, LA Credits, and the CLA
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