Summer Orientation 2014

AP, IB, and Transfer Courses

AP/IB scores are typically sent to colleges/universities in July.  Your scores may not arrive at Ithaca College prior to your attendance at Summer Orientation.  It is important to communicate with your orientation adviser about potential AP/IB credit.  If we have knowledge of potential AP/IB credit, we can make sure to place you in the appropriate courses.

Students who earn course specific credit (i.e.; HIST 11200, not HIST 18888) may forfeit that credit if they wish to take the course at Ithaca College.  Students cannot receive duplicate credit for courses; meaning if you receive course specific credit for AP, IB, or transfer coursework you will not be able to take or transfer in the course again at Ithaca College without forfeiting your previous credit.  Information regarding the transfer of AP/IB credits is available in the online Catalog.

Transfer course credit for the Spring 2014 semester may not be received by the Office of the Registrar prior to your attendance at Summer Orientation.  If you have taken transfer courses during the Spring 2014 semester, please talk to your orientation adviser to ensure you are placed into the appropriate courses.  Ithaca College transfers in courses with a earned grade of C- or better.

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