Summer Orientation 2014

Welcome to Ithaca College

May 2014


Hello Class of 2018 -- welcome to the Ithaca College community!


We are in the midst of preparing for your advising meetings during your Summer Orientation session this summer. While you will be preregistered into required first-semester courses for your major, you will be working with your summer adviser to select at least two additional courses to complete your fall schedule. To ensure that the advising experience is positive and productive, the H&S Dean's Office is requesting your help with this process.  On this web page, you will find information and links to help you in preparing for course preregistration, including materials related to course selection and instructions for submitting all requested information to the H&S Academic Advising Office for preregistration processing.


It will be very helpful for our advisers to have some additional information directly from you for use during Summer Orientation advising. Therefore, I request that you complete the Preregistration Questionnaire  by Wednesday, June 4, 2014. In addition to being beneficial for our advisers, it also will be helpful to you to think about some of these questions prior to your attendance at Orientation.


Your next goal is to select several courses of interest for preregistration prior to your attendance at Summer Orientation. You will be preregistered for up to 3 courses.  I realize that this is all quite new for new first-year students.  Be assured that we are here to help you through the process and I am very confident that you will have a positive experience at Summer Orientation. So, be mindful of the following with respect to course selections this summer and as you begin to think about the process at this time:


  • You cannot make a mistake.
  • You will be meeting with an academic adviser during Summer Orientation.
  • You will have lots of questions. We can answer them at Summer Orientation or you may call the H&S Dean's Office (607.274.3102) as you work through this material.
  • You will complete your fall schedule at Summer Orientation.
  • Adjustments to your schedule may be made during your meeting with your Summer Orientation adviser.  
  • You must take your online placement exams by June 4, 2014 so we have your scores for preregistration purposes.

This information has been prepared in the order which will be most beneficial to you in terms of understanding the course selection process. You should read and review the information in the order of the links shown on the column on the left side of this page. Take time to carefully read all the information and to review all referenced websites, as doing so will enable you to more easily make course selections and prepare you for your meeting with your summer adviser.

All requested information must be submitted electronically by Wednesday, June 4, 2014.

It’s time to get started.  Remember to relax and keep track of all of your questions.


Kathy Lucas
Assistant Dean
School of Humanities and Sciences



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