Fall/Winter 2013

Biology of Oceanic Islands
BIOL 20401 (3 credits)


This course consists of a 10-day trip aboard the Corwith Cramer a 134 foot steel brigantine tall ship that is owned and operated by our affiliates at SEA Semester. The ship will depart from San Juan, Peurto Rico. While on board, we will study subtropical ecology of the Caribbean and consider the current and historical anthropogenic influences on various ecosystems. During this trip, we will gather a variety of oceanic measurements (temperature, salinity, phosphate, oxygen, chlorophyll, planktonic mass and diversity, sediment size) and compare these measurements between shelf, slope, deepwater, and loop current locations. We will stop at Culerba, which is a National Wildlife Refuge which is located west of the British Virgin Islands and spend a day examining an estuary and mangrove communities. Classes onboard will demonstrate oceanographic collecting and measuring techniques, seamanship (e.g. dead reckoning, marlinspike), and will discuss historical voyages and challenges. 1 credit. This winter course costs $2225. Students are responsible for round trip costs of travel to San Juan, Puerto Rico, and finding their way to the boat location by the morning of Jan 8th.

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