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FALL 2014

GERO-10100 Introduction To Aging Studies

Description:  This covers the full spectrum of issues related to growing older, including myths and stereotypes of aging, age-related biological and sensory changes, diversity in the aging experience in terms of gender, race, culture and socioeconomic status, health and economic challenges older people face, and creativity and wisdom in the later years.  No prerequisites. 3 credits.

Helpful Info: Students can expect a class of about 20 students in section 01 (see note below) and 35 students in section 02. There will be lectures, films, discussions, and in class activities. Books for the course include a textbook, Issues in Aging (Third Edition) by Mark Novak, and two additional (short) books, one of which will be a novel.  There will be opportunities for completing either a service learning project involving older adults or an interview project with an older adult.

Note about Section 01: This section will be meet off campus in a classroom at Longview, a retirement community located across and up the road from the main entrance of the college. It is anticipated that Longview residents will participate in the course, creating a very unique intergenerational learning experience. Transportation to Longview will be provided by the Longview/Ithaca College shuttle. Students registering for this section will be given detailed information about the shuttle prior to the start of classes. If there are any questions about this aspect of the class, please contact the instructor.

Course attributes: GE 1: Self & Society, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences

Instructor:  Christine Pogorzala

GERO-19501 Age Matters: Discovering the Possibilities beyond Midlife

Description: This course will explore the intersections of age and identity in a variety of contexts. Students will examine the role of age in shaping the behavior and treatment of elders in modern culture, and the impact of age/life stage on the behaviors, resources, and opportunities available to members of society. No prerequisites. 3 credits.

Helpful info: Students can expect a class of about 25 students. There will be lectures, class discussions and activities, discussions of readings, and an experiential learning project involving interaction with older adults. The only required book is Life Gets Better: The Unexpected Pleasures of Growing Older by Wendy Lustbader. Supplemental readings will be available on Sakai.

Course attributes: GE 1: Self & Society, Liberal Arts, ICC – Identities theme, Social Sciences perspective.

Instructor: Elizabeth Bergman

GERO-22000 Sociology Of Aging

Description: In this course, students will examine the prominent sociological theories and research about aging and the ways in which the experience of aging is socially constructed. This course is cross-listed in Gerontology and Sociology. Students may not receive credit for both GERO 22000 and SOCI 22000. Prerequisite: One 100-level gerontology or sociology course. 3 credits.

Helpful info: Students can expect a class of about 30 students. There will be lectures, discussions of readings, in-class activities, and a series of small group discussions with older adults. Texts will include Aging, Society & the Life Course by Morgan and Kunkel and Worlds of Difference by Stoller and Gibson.

Course attributes: Liberal Arts, Social Sciences

Instructor: Elizabeth Bergman

GERO-25000 Creativity Throughout the Lifespan

Description:  In this course, students will examine the meanings and uses of creativity across the lifespan, from childhood through old age, utilizing a variety of perspectives. Students will investigate ways to promote creativity and implement short-term programs with an intergenerational group of elders and elementary-age children. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing. 3 credits.

Helpful info:  Students can expect a class of about 20 students.  We will use a seminar-style format focused on reading and discussion, as well as leading and experiencing a variety of creative activities.  Texts will include The Mature Mind by Gene Cohen and Understanding Creativity by Dacey and Lennon.

Instructor:  Mary Ann Erickson

GERO-29010 Fieldwork in Gerontology

Description: Fieldwork gives students firsthand experience working and socializing with Elders. Under the supervision of a trained professional within an organization in the Ithaca area, students engage in work activities, including direct service to the aged, as well as service to the host agency. An integrated series of seminars provides students with context to better understand the needs of community-based Elders, as well as the local, state, and national resources available and not available to meet those needs. Prerequisite: Open to all students who have taken the Introduction to Aging Studies or Age Matters course. 3 credits

Helpful Info:  Students can expect a class of about 15 students.  Grades are determined through successful completion of required field hours, site supervisor evaluation, project & paper, class discussion, and participation. Texts will include What are Old People for? By William Thomas and Dancing With Rose: Finding Life in the Land of Alzheimer’s by Lauren Kessler

Instructor: Lisa Kendall


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