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Kelly Barnes

Melinda Bolgar - University of Florida, master’s program in exercise science with a concentration in sport psychology

Chris Breuer Merrikh -  Ph.D. program at Brandeis University.  He is working in a RNA lab and works with HeLa cells.  He’s pleased to announce his marriage in summer '06,

Heather Burgess - University of Rochester, Ph.D. program in toxicology

Christina Campusano - lab technician, BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc.,

Allyson Clark - Blood Bank Medical Technologist, University of Rochester,

Wendy Clement - University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Ph.D. program,

Patrick Cowley - Ph.D. program at the University of Houston's Department of Health and Human Performance, working on the tiger study,

Jason Doherty - staff computational biologist, pathology, Washington University-St. Louis,

CONGRATULATIONS on his recent publication! Sarah L. Pull, Jason M. Doherty, Jason C. Mills, Jeffrey I. Gordon, and Thaddeus S. Stappenbeck. 2005. "Activated macrophages are an adaptive element of the colonic epithelial progenitor niche necessary for regenerative responses to injury." PNAS 102(1):99-104. View the abstract.

Andy Dusel - orthodontist, Orthodontists Associates of Western New York,

Christina Felsen - Tulane University, masters in public health with a concentration in epdemiology,

Jamie Fountain - Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Residency/Fellowship program, Cincinnati Children's Hospital,

Zach Goldsmith -  Temple University School of Medicine, M.D./Ph.D.; He is a resident in urologic surgery at Duke University Medical Center. 

  • Zach returned to the department to talk to premed students regarding the medical school process.
  • Congratulations go out to Zach and coauthor for his publication, "The Microrevolution: Applications and impacts of microarray technology on molecular biology and medicine (Review)." The Int J Mol Med 2004 April, 13(4): 483-95. View the abract as a PDF.   

Greg Jelson - technician, University of Vermont

Katie Macaluso - medical student, SUNY Upstate

Kate Majka Johnsonton- Received teaching certificate in Biology and Earth Science.  Receving masters in biology education from University at Buffalo in Spring 2008 and plans to pursue a Ph.D.,

Tatum McNierney - Science Teacher in the Half Hollow Hills Schood District in Dix Hills, NY,  

Tom Metzger* - Ph.D. program, Cornell Medical School in New York City. CONGRATULATIONS on his article. View the abstract here!

Metzger, T., et al. 2004. "Mouse amnionless, which is required for primitive streak assembly, mediates cell-surface localization and endocytic function of cubilin on visceral endoderm and kidney proximal tubles." Development, 131:4787-4795.

Chris Mirucki - Dentist, UConn Health Center

Michelle Niescierenko -  Pediatric Resident in the Boston Combined Residency Program,

Michelle is pleased to announce her multiple accomplishments

  • won a $10,000 scholarship from the American Medical Association (1 of 4 nationally),
  • received the National Leadership Award, by the American Medical Association, for medical students (1 of 15),
  • and her research honors thesis on improving access to health insurance is being published in June '06 in the Journal of the National Medical Association!
  • Traveled with a group to Bolivia and spent 10 days working in a partnership with a foundation to get homeless/abandoned children off the street. They were able to provide primary medical care to close to 600 children and some adults and link those with chronic medical conditions to long term care. We were also able to provide teaching on public health topics including dental hygiene, reading, maintaining hydration and preventing parasites and worms.

Maira Pires - Ph.D program, Columbia University in the College of Physicians and Surgeons (the medical school) for the  program of Biochemistry and Molecular BioPhysics,

Maira is pleased to announce "Patterns of gene expression and copy-number alterations in von-hippel lindau disease-associated and sporadic clear cell carcinoma of the kidney". Cancer Res. 2009 Jun 1; 69(11):4674-81.  View the abstract here (PDF).

Congratulations are in order for Maira, as she has been awarded a very competitive Department of Defense grant for almost $100,000 for the next 3 years of my graduate work for investigating breast cancer! (May 2008)

Meghan Lindauer (Biology '01) and Maira are pleased to announce their joint publication, along with other co-authors. Their article entitled, "p63 regulates commitment to the prostate cell lineage" appears in PNAS 102(32): 11355-11360. The abstract is available at

Bernhard Preusser

Philip Rafferty - Quality Control Specialist at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Pearl River NY.

John Ravener*

Nate Ross* - University of Rochester, Ph.D. program

Tara Rynhart

Kristen Sager - Emory University, Ph.D. program

Ariella Shvartz

Kim Stallone - SUNY Upstate, M.D. program

Fawn Stehlin - National Geographic,

Jon Stercho - research, biology, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Owego, New York,

Nicole White* - Case Western, Ph.D. program

Lara Whitford

*Biochemistry Majors with a Biology Faculty Advisor

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