Faculty KUDOS: Exciting news, grants, presentations off-campus

Faculty KUDOS: Exciting news, grants, presentations off-campus

NEWEST:Jean received a NIH Grant!; Te-Wen Lo Inducted into Sigma Xi; Maki Inada has been promoted and recognized!; Dave Gondek is featured on the first page of the Ithaca Journal

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Jean was a awarded a 3 year research grant (~$365,000) from the National Institute of Health!

It will be used to support her research on the role of neuropeptides in the remodeling of the cardiac nervous system with heart disease.  Jean and her students are examining the changes induced by chronic heart disease in an animal model of myocardial infarction (or a heart attack) to determine how specific signaling molecules are changing and whether these changes are contributing to the pathology of the disease, or acting to improve cardiac function.  The NIH grant, which will begin later this summer, will allow the lab to purchase new equipment for sophisticated electrical recordings from neurons, as well as funding student research opportunities during the summers.


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Congratulations to our New Inductee into Sigma Xi

 As well as:

  • Emily Conklin
  • Siera Rosen
  • Erika Bucior
  • Cynthia Becker


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Congratulations to Maki Inada!

  • Promoted to Associate Professor AND recipient of the Faculty Excellence Award!

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Photo by Kelsey O'Connor

“Local professor weighs in on Zika outbreak”. Ithaca Journal. February 3, 2016. 
View the PDF here.

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Jean Hardwick was one of 25 neuroscientists from across the country invited to a workshop focusing on increasing PUI involvement in NSF-funded BRAIN initiative research. This workshop, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, explored ways to increase the involved of undergraduate institutions in the President Obama's BRAIN initiative.  This initiative looks to advance research in our understanding of the brain.  The participants in this workshop spent two days exploring ways that institutions, like Ithaca College, could participate in this important discovery process and several potential grant initiatives were discussed and will hopefully be submitting in the coming months. During this meeting her student, Katie Luckett, presented research conducted in the lab and won a national travel award to attend. 

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