Faculty KUDOS: Exciting news, grants, presentations off-campus

Faculty KUDOS: Exciting news, grants, presentations off-campus

NEWEST: Maki Inada presented at t Washington and Lee University; Peter Melcher presented at the University of Vermont; Brooks Miner gets published; Te-Wen presented in the UK

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Maki Inada gave a seminar titled, "To Splice or Not to Splice: an Ultraconserved Mode of Gene Regulation," and guest lectured in an Advanced Biochemistry Course on the Molecular Biology of Cancer titled "My very own lung cancer case study: targeted therapies" in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at Washington and Lee University. November 2014.

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Peter Melcher presented, "Embolism Refilling under negative water potentials – Fact or Fiction?" at the University of Vermont, James Marvin Memorial Seminar Series.  Fall 2014.

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Brooks has an article in FiveThirtyEight about methane leakage from natural gas systems and its climate implications. 

View it here: Fracking 10:51 AM Sep 26, 2014

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Te-Wen Lo presented at the Evolutionary Biology of Caenorhabditis and other Nematodes conference. Cambridge, UK. June 2014. Partial funding was awarded by the Provost & VPEA Travel Fund.

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Smith and Muma

Queen's University Biological Station. Summer 2014.

  • Bruce Smith had a display on the diversity of water mites and their pathogens and Kit Muma presented a poster entitled "Tick Talk". Open House.

  • Bruce P. Smith and Kit E. Muma presented, "Kiwis and Kokakos: Wildlife Conservation in New Zealand". Queen's University Biological Station Wednesday Night Seminar Series. . 

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