Faculty KUDOS: Exciting news, grants, presentations off-campus

Faculty KUDOS: Exciting news, grants, presentations off-campus

NEWEST: Paul De Luca's research is highlighted; Jean Hardwick wins National Service Award; Paul De Luca presented in The Bahamas; Maki Inada presented at t Washington and Lee University; Peter Melcher presented at the University of Vermont; Brooks Miner gets published; Te-Wen presented in the UK

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Jean  was awarded the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience (FUN) "Outstanding Service Award" at their annual meeting as part of the Society for Neuroscience meetings in Washington DC. Jean was chosen for the award for her work in organizing and hosting the triennial workshop of the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience at Ithaca College in August 2014.  The workshop hosted over 100 faculty from across the country and covered topics ranging from laboratory exercises, curricular innovations, teaching techniques, and grant funding strategies.

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On November 26 Paul De Luca presented a seminar of his research documenting arthropod diversity at The Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve, on Eleuthera Island, in The Bahamas. Dr. De Luca was invited to present his findings as part of the Fall 2014 Levy Preserve Lecture Series. He has been working at The Levy Preserve since 2012 at the request of The Bahamas National Trust which oversees the management of the national park system in The Bahamas. In the 2 years since he has been working there he has identified over 300 species of arthropods, including the recent discovery of a new species of katydid which he is currently describing in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Toronto.


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Maki Inada gave a seminar titled, "To Splice or Not to Splice: an Ultraconserved Mode of Gene Regulation," and guest lectured in an Advanced Biochemistry Course on the Molecular Biology of Cancer titled "My very own lung cancer case study: targeted therapies" in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at Washington and Lee University. November 2014.

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Peter Melcher presented, "Embolism Refilling under negative water potentials – Fact or Fiction?" at the University of Vermont, James Marvin Memorial Seminar Series.  Fall 2014.

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Brooks has an article in FiveThirtyEight about methane leakage from natural gas systems and its climate implications. 

View it here: Fracking 10:51 AM Sep 26, 2014

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